Yellowstone National Park Flood Recovery Update: Bicycles, Hiking and Fishing Access Between Tower Junction and Slough Creek Starts July 21; Slough Creek Reopens to Limited Day Use; Day-Use Visitor Reservation System Pending for Limited Visitor Ve – SnowBrains

Tower Junction southbound road sign. Bicycles, hiking and fishing access between Tower Junction and Slough Creek starts July 21. Credit: NPS / Jacob W. Frank

It’s critical that visitors traveling to the park in the coming weeks stay informed about what’s open and closed

Yellowstone National Park announced today that visitors will be able to park at Tower Junction and bicycle, hike, and fish between Tower Junction and Slough Creek starting Thursday, July 21. The road between Tower Junction and Slough Creek is also open for commercial tour authorization holders, commercial tour operators, and stock outfitters to provide public access by vehicle. The park is finalizing a day-use reservation system for visitor vehicle access for Tower Junction to Slough Creek which will be online by Aug. 1, allowing reservation holders day-use access with their vehicles.

The park closed immediately following a historic flood event in June and has rapidly reopened areas when safe to do so. Approximately 93% of paved roads and 94% of Yellowstone’s backcountry is open.

New access

Tower Junction to Slough Creek

  • Starting July 21, visitors will be able to bicycle, hike and fish on a segment of the Northeast Entrance Road between Tower Junction and Slough Creek.
  • Visitors are asked to park vehicles appropriately in the Tower Junction area and not block public or emergency access.
  • Visitors riding bikes or hiking near the roadway are reminded that construction traffic east of Tower Junction on the Northeast Entrance Road will be heavy at times.

Backcountry: Slough Creek

  • The park provided limited public day-use access at Slough Creek to approved commercial operators, overnight backcountry permit holders and stock outfitters on July 16.
  • Visit the Backcountry Situation Report for details.

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