Woman Sunbathes on a Rock While Hiking, Helicopter Is Called to Rescue Her – Newsweek

A woman who decided to sunbathe on some rocks while out on a hike was shocked when a helicopter was called to rescue her.

KoKo, from North California, decided to take a walk along the Buttermilk trail, in Bridgeport, Nevada County, when she spotted a sunny rock about half a mile in.

In a series of TikTok videos on her account, @koko.sierra, she described the rescue effort which was launched, with her most popular clip amassing more than eight million views.

In the clip she films herself looking up at the chopper, with the on-screen text saying: “POV [point of view] you stop on a hike to sunbathe and the park rangers send a helicopter because they think you have passed out.”

While she captioned it: “Plot twist it was indeed me being rescued.”

After the video, which was shared last month and can be seen here, went viral, she added another explaining the whole saga.

KoKo, originally from Michigan, said: “I went on a hike, I wasn’t very far into the hike and I saw this spot where you could go down and sit on some rocks, and I had my book with me, so I was like ‘oh cute, I’m going to go down there and read.’

“I went down there with my book, with every intention to read, but those rocks were so warm and I just thought maybe I should lay here and shut my eyes.

“And I heard a helicopter for at least 15 minutes, circling, get close and then far, close and then far, and I was like what, that’s so annoying, it’s so loud whenever it got close.

“I just wanted some peace and quiet. So I was just minding my business. And then suddenly it gets super loud, and I can feel the wind from the helicopter.”

KoKo realized the helicopter had been called out for her after the crew began talking to her on a mega phone.

While they also sent out a rescuer on foot, who soon emerged to talk to her.

Responding to numerous questions, she revealed another hiker had called it in, adding: “A lot of dramatics, I did not end up marrying any of the people who saved me.</…….

Source: https://www.newsweek.com/woman-sunbathe-rock-hike-helicopter-rescue-1663006

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