Woman finishes goal of hiking all 11 National Scenic Trails – WRAL News

A woman’s goal to complete all 11 National Scenic Trails in the U.S. ended in northeast Wisconsin Monday after she finished the Ice Age Trail through Wisconsin. In total, she’s hiked nearly 19,000 miles.

we are here to celebrate the first woman in history to have hiked all 11 national scenic trails. So I had done a whole bunch already. I did the pacific crest trail first in 2003. So I figured that it was interesting enough to do that pursue that as a goal. And um, so then the last couple of years I’ve been doing those trails to finish it up and now we can go back to other trails that sound intriguing as well. It takes a tremendous amount of fortitude and perseverance and a sense of humor and just a willingness to push through the tough times. Sometimes you get, you get a little down or you get a little bored or like, you know what? This is as much fun. This is really hard. Um, so that’s one thing that I can dig deep. So that’s what I learned about myself and that sometimes, yes, the trails might not always have those big sweeping vistas and, and stuff, but there’s a beauty and the little things. The Ice age trail she started on May 5th and ST Croix Falls. She hiked some around 20 miles a day. It always amazes me about her is her ability to find joy every day in something. I like the big adventures. They’re really fun. It’s been over 19 years that she’s hiked Over 18,500 miles, which is kind of neat to show that for me also the way that I’m not like this super young, super, maybe athletic looking person that we can all do this. It’s just really great to see everybody that supported me and all the love and kindness. Amazing. That’s a good word for it. All right, that’s it.

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