Urban hiking, coffee canoeing and simple ways to enjoy the great outdoors – BayToday.ca

Urban hiking, coffee canoeing and simple ways to enjoy the great outdoors – BayToday.ca

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Len Gillis shares a tale of geese at Chutes and a tip about going out for coffee the Northern Ontario way

Take a hike eh. No, it’s not my impression of Bob and Doug Mackenzie. Although the popular Canadian entertainment duo were more fond of saying “Take off, eh.”

Taking off or taking a hike. Either way, it’s a great excuse to get into the great outdoors, especially in northeastern Ontario.

One of the reasons could be the existence of so many provincial parks and municipal parks, not to mention conservation areas.

One of the nice things about living in northern Ontario is that there is plenty of greenspace to be enjoyed.

There are also plenty of online resources to explore and choose some options for hiking and outdoor activities.

I have fun memories of visiting Chutes Provincial Park, located near Massey, west of Sudbury. I was with Cubs and Scouts from the First Val Caron scouting group at the time, decades ago. We were on part of the Twin Bridges Trail next to the Aux Sables River. At one point on the trail, there is a scenic lookout beside a spectacular set of chutes and waterfalls.

As our scouting group stood there enjoying the scene, we saw a large white van pull up nearby. About half a dozen tourists from Germany stepped out and were more than pleased to see the river and waterfalls surrounded by the tall pines swaying in the wind. They were laughing, talking, and taking photographs as part of some organized group tour. It was nice to see. 

Suddenly and without warning, there was a honking noise from above. As we looked up we saw a magnificent flight of Canada geese soaring just above the trees and over the waterfall. There might have been 20 or 25 birds. Just enough to thrill us. As we laughed and enjoyed the sight, the group of tourists broke out into applause. It was as if the geese had arrived just for them, just to put on a show. It’s a happy memory.

Not all hiking has to be an adventure. But you can make it interesting. You can try urban hiking. And yes, it really is a thing. 

Perhaps a good thing to do to get yourself out of …….

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