Two Women Rescued While Lost Hiking At Palisades Tahoe – CBS Sacramento

TAHOE (CBS13) — A rescue team saved two women from a cliff after they got stuck while hiking on steep terrain at Palisades Tahoe this week. The stranded hikers ended up looking down on 800 feet of cliff face with nowhere to go, resulting in a 911 call.

On Thursday, June 30, police dispatched the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team to help the two women get raised to safety. According to a statement by the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team, a rescuer arrived before dark and scaled the rocks up to assist the two women on the resort’s Shirley Canyon Trail. The women were first relocated to a safer tree and then hooked up to anchors in order to create a belay system, which attaches a climber to a lifeline.

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Then, the rescue team hauled the women to a position where ropes were no longer necessary, a process that took three-and-a-half hours. The two women then hiked in the direction they originally came from and were back down to ground level safely by 2:30 a.m.

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A man died in April of this year while he fell skiing on a closed-off trail at Palisades Tahoe.

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Palisades Tahoe is located 134 miles northeast of Sacramento.


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