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Tunis/Tunisia — Stakeholders in Nefta city (Tozeur governorate) have rallied to organise a hiking trail in the natural land depression La Corbeille de Nefta (the Basket of Nefta), by conducting activities to better receive visitors, including the participation in harvesting and tasting local dates, the German Cooperation in Tunisia GIZ said on Monday.

It is the initiative of Association of Sustainable Management of the Ras El Ain Oasis in Nefta (AGDOR), aimed to ensure a better visiting experience of La Corbeille de Nefta and hence promote the Tozeur heritage.

It is supported by the “Promotion of Sustainable Tourism” project, a joint action between the European Union and Tunisia as part of the “Tounes Wijhetouna” programme, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented by the GIZ Tunisia in partnership with the Tourism Ministry.

The 6-year project (2019-2024) seeks to diversify and improve the quality of the tourist offer in Tunisia, with focus on eco-tourist and cultural products in the selected regions, to contribute to a sustainable development of the economy and an improvement of the Tunisia job market.

The project is expected to provide jobs to 1,000 persons.

The turnover of 800 micro-, small- and medium sized enterprises is expected to increase by 10% and the activities will help set up new enterprises and generate investment funds.

Source: https://allafrica.com/stories/202201110416.html

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