This Family-Friendly Park In Tennessee Has A Zoo, Art Museum, Hiking Trails, And More – Only In Your State

This Family-Friendly Park In Tennessee Has A Zoo, Art Museum, Hiking Trails, And More – Only In Your State

June 3, 2022 0 By 164news

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon spent at the park, but Overton Park in Memphis, Tennessee, may just be one of the most impressive in the state. Don’t expect a playground tucked away in the corner of grass; no, this urban park has everything from an art museum to a zoo and many hiking trails. There are multiple events hosted at the park throughout the year, so whether it’s chilly or warm in Memphis, there’s something to do in Overton Park. It’s the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy!

Overton Park is 342 acres in total, and the area, once known as Lea’s Woods, has been a part of the greater Memphis community since its purchase in the autumn of 1901. The park was named for John Overton, famed as one of the city’s co-founders, in 1902, and the area remains one of the most-visited by locals and tourists alike.

Overton Park is home to the Memphis Zoo, a golf course, the Memphis College of Art, the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Old Forest Arboretum of Overton Park, and Rainbow Lake, among other recreational spaces. The Levitt Shell Theater is another famous spot, put on the map when Elvis Presley held his first paid concert there in 1954.

The “Limestone Loop” is one of the most popular trails in Overton Park, perfect for running with its soft running surface and perfect for tiny visitors and their parents. Cyclists flock to Overton Park to spend time on the park-wide trails, which are a part of the city’s expansive trail system.

The park has plenty of rental venues for folks looking to host an event for fewer than 25 people. There are plenty of picnic tables that are first-come, first-served, and there are multiple pavilions that are perfect for birthday parties and family events. Overton Park is also home to city-hosted events throughout the year including farmers’ markets and running events.

The Overton Park Conservancy does a great job keeping the park beautiful and inspiring, and it takes up to $1 million each year to keep the recreational space safe and clean. On any given day you may find folks from …….