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After being cooped up indoors for weeks on end, you might find yourself racing to a local hiking trail on the very first sunny (albeit snowy) day of winter. But the breathable boots you wear to traverse the trails throughout the summer may not be cut out for the wet, slippery conditions you’d often come across in colder months. Venture outside anyway, and you could be in for a nasty fall and, at the very least, soaked socks.

The solution: winter hiking boots. Designed to provide additional traction, waterproofing, and, in some cases, insulation, winter hiking boots will reduce the odds you topple over while walking across an icy patch and your feet become drenched over the course of your journey.

To make your next snowy or sleety outdoor adventure much less chilly (and potentially less painful), nab a pair of these best winter hiking boots now. (Promise, it’s worth it; here’s why taking a winter hike is the best way to enjoy the trails.)

KEEN Women’s Revel IV Polar Boot

Tackling trails that are fit better for polar bears than humans? These winter hiking boots will be your saving grace. The shoes are built with a waterproof exterior, insulation that’s rated to keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -25°F, and three layers of heat-trapping materials under your foot. Plus, the multi-directional lugs provide supreme traction on snow and ice, which one reviewer says makes all the difference. “For once, I’m not slipping and sliding on everything,” wrote the shopper. “I can walk on little hills and slippery snow surfaces and feel like I am sturdy. Way better than your typical snow boot that simply freezes up in the cold and becomes treacherous on your feet. Why all boots don’t have these soles is beyond me.”

KEEN Women’s Revel IV Polar Boot

Merrell Thermo Aurora 2 Mid Shell Waterproof Boots

Thanks to the fleece lining, wool uppers, and added insulation, these winter hiking boots will keep everything from your ankles to your toes feeling cozy while you traverse through the tundra — or your backyard. The boots are equipped with all-terrain outsoles and deep lugs to provide traction on wet, icy, and mixed winter conditions; cushioning in the …….


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