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When you’re out for a hike, you’ve got enough to worry about on the trail. Packing enough potable water, wearing the right, supportive shoes, warding off the occasional, angry critter—there’s enough to deal with in the Great Outdoors, and sweat should not be one of them. Which is why we’ve pulled together some of the best hiking shorts you should invest in.

This summer, stay cool and dry (cough cough, chafe-free!) wherever you roam. Whether you’re planning on taking a couple hiking treks here and there, or have a whole calendar stacked with rugged outdoor adventures, you deserve to stay comfortable, even when temperatures are climbing, too. Which is why we rounded up the best women’s hiking shorts that won’t leave you sweaty, no matter how tough the trail gets.

Hiking shorts that won’t leave you sweat, at a glance:

How we selected our shorts

By hiking in them, of course! But also a number of different factors, including material, weight, style, and technical specifications: Specifically:

  • Material: The textiles themselves are important and can make a big different in comfort and feel. But other thoughtful features, like water-resistance, stretch, and sun protection, are vital, too.
  • Weight: Most shorts on this list fall between 6-8 ounces, so they’re not too heavy but not so lightweight they don’t hold up against the elements.
  • Tech Specs: The little details in your shorts, like waistband style, carabiner loops, and of course, pockets.

Now, without further ado, wave goodbye to sweaty thighs and scroll to shop the coolest, driest women’s hiking shorts your money can buy.

Sweat-free women’s hiking shorts to keep you cool 

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