The Little-Known Cemetery In North Carolina You Can Only Reach By Hiking This 3-Mile Trail – Only In Your State

The Little-Known Cemetery In North Carolina You Can Only Reach By Hiking This 3-Mile Trail – Only In Your State

April 21, 2022 0 By 164news

The three-mile forested Summit Loop Trail in Hollister, North Carolina, leads to a little-known cemetery in Medoc Mountain State Park. With very little information to go on, the Vinson Family Cemetery, in this 3,893-acre space in Halifax County, is kind of a surprise when you pass the fenced-in memorial gravestones. The research shows two recorded lists of those buried there. One lists the following people: Albert Livington Vinson,1856-1910; Alice Vinson, 1861-1866; Charles Robert Vinson, 1898-1900; Martha Smith Vinson, 1829-1913; Robert J. “Barry” Vinson, 1825-1872; Thomas L. Vinson, 1853-1923; and Turner Vinson, 1859-1891. The other burial record adds Littleberry O. Willcox, 1840-1892.

Another discovery is the family furnished the memorial stones in recent years, which is why they look so new compared to the dates on them. And the park’s maintenance staff placed all of the stones down at the same time. It is thought the cemetery must have been a family farm, which is why the family members are interred at the site. On your way, enjoy the Summit Loop Trail to this little-known cemetery in North Carolina. Once you have, be sure to return to the park and enjoy some of the other trails and camping areas.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Seven trails wind through the lush, wooded forests of Medoc Mountain State Park.

These hikes are thoughtfully posted on signs at the parking areas nearby, offering such information as their locations and skill levels.

Each trail has a color assigned to it, which is marked on the trees along the way. Our adventure takes place on the Summit Loop Trail. This three-mile hike is considered a moderately challenging route, taking about an hour-and-a-half to complete.

Medoc Mountain’s wilderness is being restored through reforestation, which is why a lot of the land is in various stages of regrowth. Interesting views along the way allow the hike to go pretty fast, such as this wooden bridge spanning Little Fishing Creek.

The most challenging hiking terrain is from the short section from the bridge to the summit.

Wait a little and you might see some wildlife, such as gray foxes, opossums, …….