I’ve always found the idea of natural selection a bit insulting. You think I’m not sufficiently evolved to weigh a potential partner on their merits as a conversationalist, rather than their field-tilling biceps, Mr. Darwin? And for over a decade, I lived my convictions — it’s been years since I dated a man over 5’8.” I’ll take a nerd with a sly wit over a burly bison hunter any day of the week.

Truthfully, though, I hadn’t outsmarted Darwin. I had simply naturally-selected for a changing world. The plurality of the people I’ve dated have been computer programmers, a 21st-century skill if I ever saw one. And I’ve continued to adapt. During the pandemic, when I was unable to access public transit, I found a partner with a car. Once I got vaccinated, I found a partner who enjoyed going outside. This isn’t natural selection per se, but my romantic preferences do change in accordance with the disaster du jour. And today, as my climate-change anxiety rises with the sea levels, I find myself fearing a world in which I need to survive in the woods — and pining for a partner who can join me.

Let me clarify right now, before you start typing out an email that I will not read: This is specific to me. I’m aware that life confined to the woods is not the most obvious risk from rising sea levels, and additionally, hiking doesn’t have to be something everyone is willing or able to do. And yet, my personal climate anxiety journey has manifested in a yearning — on an almost primitive level — to live without modern comforts. To be a person of the land. A less annoying Walden, if you will. And while I consider myself independent, the thought of assuming the fetal position in my thin-walled tent while a bear steals my marshmallows makes me long for backup.

I started my hunt in the most obvious way — I googled “dating apps for backpackers.” Google showed me no dating apps, but instead told me I should join a backpacking club. That seemed like quite a lot of work, so I moved onto Plan B — find partners the usual way (apps), and then see how they fared in the wilderness. Can they pick the right berry? Do they know which mushrooms …….

Source: https://www.bustle.com/wellness/the-case-for-hiking-dates

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