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Choosing a tent for your thru-hike is a big deal, but it’s also probably the least stressful house shopping experience you’ll have over the course of your lifetime. Enjoy it. The best tents for thru-hiking strike a balance between weight, livable space, ease of pitch, and stability.

Your tent should also be stable in snow, breathable in areas of high humidity, and waterproof. You should be able to comfortably keep your sleeping bag away from tent walls to prevent dampness, and also get in and out easily, sit up comfortably, and have enough space (if hiking with a partner) where you don’t feel like you’re whacking them every time you move or put a layer on.

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Best Tents for Thru-Hiking:

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Best Tents for Thru-Hiking of 2022

Gossamer Gear The One (Easiest Pitch for a Trekking Pole Shelter)

MSRP: $300
Weight: 17.7 ounces
Interior space: 16 square feet

Doors / Vestibules: 1 door, 1 vestibule (10 square feet)

Best For: Ultralight solo hikers who value space

Why We Love This Tent

The One is a solo-hiker fave that tops ultralight gear roundups across the board. It’s affordable, lightweight, and spacious.

The setup is simple for a trekking pole shelter, and the venting design helps prevent some of the condensation issues that arise with single-wall shelters. The top bar is wide enough to provide ample shoulder room, something that can feel lacking in solo shelters. This is a one-piece shelter that sets up with six stakes and two trekking poles.

True ultralight fanatics can spend more to upgrade to the DCF One, shaving about 2.5 ounces from the total setup without losing any functional space or design features. The fact that the DCF One is perennially out of stock is a testament to its popularity. But at the end of the day, the original silnylon One is the tried-and-true thru-hiking staple in GG’s fantastic shelter lineup, and it’s the one we’ve chosen to feature in this year’s roundup.


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