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Wherever you are in Freiburg, you can feel the pull of the mountains and forest. The southern German town, a beacon of progressiveness and sustainability, exudes an energetic vibe that courses through the cobblestone streets and historic ‘Bächle’ gutters. The surrounding Schwarzwald (Black Forest) lures you into its enchanting trails, and the Schauinsland mountain creates a dramatic backdrop against the medieval old town.

So it’s no surprise that Freiburg’s best activities are found outdoors. From a leisurely sonntagsspaziergang (Sunday hike) to an intrepid snowshoeing adventure, this Black Forest town has something for everyone and every fitness level. And don’t worry about the weather – as the Germans firmly believe, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

So strap on your boots, and grab those hiking poles, because here are the best outdoor activities for kids, adventurers, and adrenaline junkies in Freiburg.

Hiking through the beautiful Black Forest is not to be missed © Lisa Schaetzle / Getty Images

Hike the Black Forest Westweg trail

If the Brothers Grimm captivated your imagination with stories like Hansel and Gretel inspired by the Black Forest, take the time to delve deep into its magic on a multiday hike along the famous Black Forest Westweg trail. It’s hard to get lost with red triangles marking the 285 km (177mi) trail, and you can choose between sections with low undulating hills that aren’t too intense on the knees, or tougher peaks that scale Feldberg mountain. As well as the dense pine forest, you’ll cross open country, sunny meadows, orchards and dairy farms, while ruins, tiny medieval towns, and complete the fairytale.

Take a dip in Dietenbachsee

As Freiburg is a good seven hours from the nearest beach, the locals instead head to nearby lakes to cool off. From May to September, the water at Dietenbachsee is warm enough to swim in. There are also playgrounds to occupy the little ones, beach volleyball courts, table tennis tables and a skate park. The lake also makes for a relaxing stroll in winter, at just 20 minutes on the #3 tram from Freiburg’s old town.

Cool off in Opfinger See

Another popular place to relax on a hot summer day is Opfinger See, around 10…….


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