Summer Camp Outfits: Ideas For Horseback Riding, Hiking, Yoga, & More – The Zoe Report

In general, I am not a summer person. I do not like sweating through my white T-shirts; I prefer pants over shorts. My skin is highly sensitive to the sun and, no matter how much SPF I rub into it, I’m quick to burn and peel. And don’t even get me started on aggressive office air-conditioning! All that said, however, I am a summer camp person — in no small part due to my undying love of summer camp outfits. Fleecy sweatshirts for chilly, dewy mornings? Colorful, arts and crafts necklaces piled on en masse? Chunky, clunky-chic boots for a wander through the woods? I want to wear it all.

Of course, dressing for any outdoorsy excursions in my thirties is a different beast than it was two decades ago. For starters, I care way more about looking cute and coordinated for whatever activity is on deck, be it horseback riding, hiking, or (more likely) hanging back at the lodge and eating frozen grapes while I gossip. And as a fashion editor, I find that part of the fun is pulling together an outfit that performs for the task at hand, but still looks good on the ‘gram.

“When dressing for the a camping trip, hike, or any adventure in the outdoors, comfort is key,” says designer and fellow happy camper Eleanore Haycock. Her athleisure line Year Of Ours is filled with just the sort of elevated throw-on-and-go pieces one would want on hand while roughing it (or glamping) in the wilderness while trying to recreate the carefree days of kid’s sleep away camp. “When I think of ‘summer camp style’ I think all the layers your parents would put you in before sending you off for the day or week,” she continues. “As an adult, I think layers are still key but trading in the baggy tee for sports bra and pair with a runner short. Add a light weight windbreaker [like our] Terrain jacket that easily rolls up into the a bag and a wide brim bucket hat for sun projection.”

To Outdoor Voices CEO, Gab Conforti, summer camp style is less a look than a free-spirited state of mind. “It’s all about being carefree and having fun, freeing fitness from performance in the truest sense,” she says, emphasizing the need for comfortable and …….


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