Springfield Water and Sewer Commission issues reminder: Cobble Mountain Reservoir off-limits for hiking, fishing, swimming – masslive.com – MassLive.com

SPRINGFIELD — The Springfield Water and Sewer Commission is advising people that the watershed areas around the Cobble Mountain and Borden Brook reservoirs in Russell and Blandford are off limits to the public and may not be used for recreational activities like swimming, fishing, hiking or biking.

Katherine Shea, communications specialist for the commission, said employees have noticed an “uptick” in evidence of people trespassing on the property.

Cobble Mountain and Borden Brook are reservoirs that are part of the Little River Watershed and are the primary water supply for 250,000 people in the Springfield area. The watershed, made up of some 14,500 acres, is closed to the public to prevent contamination of the water supply.

Commission personnel, state and environmental police, and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department are coordinating again this summer to closely monitor watershed property and enforce public access restrictions. People found trespassing on watershed land will be subject to charges and fines.

Source: https://www.masslive.com/springfield/2022/07/springfield-water-and-sewer-commission-issues-reminder-cobble-mountain-reservoir-off-limits-for-hiking-fishing-swimming.html

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