Seasonal Reminder Dogs Need to be Leashed While Hiking at English Point – Dailyfly

We all love hiking with our best friends, but please remember that dogs must always be under your control within developed recreation sites on National Forest System lands [36 CFR 261.16(j)]. This includes campgrounds, boat launches, trailheads, restrooms in parking lots, and on some trails.

Additionally, the Kootenai County ordinance requires that dogs be on a leash no longer than five feet while in “public places.”

There have been increasing reports of hikers and bikers running into unleashed dogs at the English Point Recreation Area on Hayden Lake. Some hikers have reported being attacked by a dog. We need to do better!

Keeping dogs leashed makes it safer for both the recreationists and the dogs. There are large predators like mountain lions or large animals like moose, that can hurt dogs. Additionally, some dogs can wander off and get lost in the forest.

And remember to pack out your dog’s waste, as well.

Our US Forest Service employees will be stepping up their presence at English Point this summer to remind visitors with dogs about the best practices and leash requirements.


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