New rules for Sierra Nevada hiking spot aim to keep bears away – CBS San Francisco

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — New rules are being introduced at a popular hiking spot in the Sierra Nevada that aims to prevent bears from stealing human food.

According to a report by Sacramento affiliate CBS 13, ffective next Monday, hikers and campers must put their food and trash in a bear canister when visiting Desolation Wilderness part of the Eldorado National Forest west of South Lake Tahoe.

Ursus americanus

MARK NEWMAN / Getty Images

Rangers say bears are getting more aggressive in their search for food.

Traditional methods of discouraging bears – like hanging food from a tree, banging pots and pans, and whistling – are not as effective as they once were. 

Bear proof food storage containers are available for free rental from the Taylor Creek Visitor Center, Pacific Ranger Station, or the LTBMU Supervisor’s Office.

The website has a section on bears providing more information about proper food storage methods and protecting Sierra Black Bears.

Visitors still need to obtain a wilderness permit for day visits and overnight camping in the Desolation Wilderness, officials say. Additional information on camping and permit requirements for the Desolation Wilderness are available here.


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