New hiking club in Kgautšwana – Lowvelder

OHRIGSTAD – To explore the beauty of local communities, the villagers of Kgautšwana have come together to
establish a hiking club.

Kirko Harris, one of the founding members of Kgautšwana Hiking Club, explained the villagers were inspired to start the club when they realised there were none in the village.

“I came with the idea of hiking, to bring tourism to my village and have more activities to keep our community busy. We have the opportunities to explore the beauty of our areas through hiking. In future, we will be hiking at other areas outside of Fetakgomo Tubatse.”

During the hiking trips, Harris, who is also a photographer, will be seen capturing the moments on videos
and photos. “We want this club to be known. We wish to teach people that the environment is our life and we should take care of it. Let’s do away with throwing diapers away everywhere and take care of our environment.

“We had our latest excursions in Kgautšwana, thereafter Mabudubeng, Motšwelebelong and Malwalwaneng. Our area has so many mountains we can explore.”

He said the next hike would be on April 10. “We are planning on hiking every month and we invite more locals to join. Currently we have more than 15 members.

“The management of the club also pleaded for sponsors from local businesses and Good Samaritans.”

Those interested in joining the Kgautšwane Hiking Club may contact Harris directly on 078 015 4379 or interact
with Kirko Harris on Facebook.


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