‘Never go hiking in brand new boots’: Julia Bradbury’s essential walking rules – Express

‘Never go hiking in brand new boots’: Julia Bradbury’s essential walking rules – Express

April 24, 2022 0 By 164news

Julia is the former presenter of Countryfile and Watchdog. The TV stalwart, who is currently recovering from cancer, has detailed her top walking tips for Express.co.uk. The most vital tips included being very cautious about what is on your feet.

Julia told Express.co.uk: “Never go hiking in brand new boots – as lovely as it is to unpack them – a good pair of walking boots is a worn-in pair.”

In fact, the expert suggested wearing the boots in as much as possible before hitting the trails.

She said: “Wear them at home/to the shops/on the treadmill.”

Every serious walker needs their supplies, and how you carry them is something else to think about.

Julia said: “You should also invest in a comfortable good fitting backpack – nobody wants sore shoulders and backache heading out.”

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On staying warm, Julia said: “For maintaining body temperature, I wear layers…and pack a few more in my backpack. You can always strip off or layer up.”

Most importantly, Julia suggested walking with loved ones.

She said: “Start with friends so you can share the sense of discovery and achievement together (great for bonding too).”

Julia did this recently when she walked with her mum and the rest of her family.

She told her followers: “My Mama Mou is no mountaineer, but she hiked up Mam Tor with the whole family yesterday for the first time in 50 years. At 83 years young she made it to the trig point in the gleaming sunshine. She continues to be an inspiration and the most loving Mum her daughters could wish for.”

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Most recently the TV presenter enjoyed a hike through the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve in Mauritius to celebrate Earth Day while on a recent trip.

She told fans: “Had a gorgeous #EarthDay hike through the wild & beautiful Bel Ombre Nature …….

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