It’s Time To Restock Your Warm Hiking Outfits—This Brand Has It All – Well+Good

In the course of a single day, the weather in New York City went from boob sweat to goosebumps. Hurriedly, just about everyone I’ve talked to A) spent yesterday swapping out summer tanks for fall sweaters in their dressers and B) planned a trip for the coming weekend to take a brisk fall hike.

Of course, if you—like me—find that last year’s fleece is pilling to oblivion and fresh with holes you’d ignored back in March, now is the time to replace it all, because Outdoor Voices just launched a line of outdoor essentials that we can’t get enough of.

One reason that the gear caught our eye? Its versatility. The pieces in the line seem just as at-home walking your dog or grabbing a cup of coffee as they do on the trail. What’s more, the entire line is really built to be layered (or in the case of the RecTrek Zip-Off Pant, removed), so if you invest now, you’ll find that you’re probably wearing many of the same pieces well into winter and spring. Ready to check it out for yourself? Keep scrolling.

Rectrek Zip-Off Pant — $118.00

Let’s give it up for the Rectrek Zip-Off Pant which allows you to zip layers on or off as you climb upwards and it gets cooler. Plus, the color-blocking makes them feel like you’ve got a POV on winter that’s decidedly upbeat.

Primo Fleece Sweatpant — $118.00

There’s something nice about a cuffed ankle sweat. It feels like you know that puddles and snow are a thing and you still walk out willingly into the world to do your business. This pair gets points for pocket color blocking and a drawstring that puts primary colors back on the map.

Snacks 7/8 Legging — $118.00

The new Snacks collection appears to be the life of the party but it’s really alllll business. With straps and pockets galore, you can bring snacks, your cell phone, a water bottle, take off your too-hot tee and carry it, take off your hat and carry it, and the list goes on. There’s no shortage of ways to utilize these leggings, and we won’t get bored trying for new ones.

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