‘It has been a beautiful experience:’ Latino hiking group is 400 members strong – Morganton News Herald

The group has done five hikes alongside family and friends since its launch in October.

“I am very happy that there is a hiking group. Having a Latino one is important because we can share our culture and different dialects of Spanish. It has been a great experience to do what I like (hiking) with people who share the same interest,” said Peruvian native and Charlotte resident Claudia Ramos, 44.

Like many members of the group, Ramos heard of the group through Ortiz, then spread the word to friends interested in the same activity.

Thanks to the group, Ramos experienced hiking for the first time and was able to create many memories alongside other members.

“It has been a beautiful experience. It is amazing to be able to have a connection with different people from all parts of the world,” Ramos said.

Participants of the hikes are from around North Carolina. Some drive more than 50 miles to head out to the next adventure. These hikers also bring their children to take part in the hike, exposing them to sunlight and nature.

“Not many kids like to go hiking, and I am not one of those who likes to stay inside,” Ortiz’s son, Osbaldo Romero, 11, said. “Joining this group has been one of the best things ever because I get to witness the beautiful scenery given to us by God. I get to connect more with my mom. The time I get to spend with her is amazing.”

Source: https://morganton.com/news/it-has-been-a-beautiful-experience-latino-hiking-group-is-400-members-strong/article_06690c03-7c7f-55a5-b52c-3dff113380ae.html

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