Islamabad police get horses to patrol hiking trails and parks – Daily Pakistan Global

ISLAMABAD – Islamabad Police have introduced a ‘mounted patrol unit’ for the safety of hundreds of local and foreign men, women and children who visit the federal capital’s trails daily for hiking and recreational purposes.

Islamabad has one of the most attractive natural landscapes and hiking trails. Of an estimated 30 identified trails on the Margalla Hills, the city’s administration has developed six for public use.

Islamabad Police say the mounted patrol unit with policement on horsebacks was launched on June 22 this year and its personnel can now be seen on duty.

“We wanted to increase our security surveillance, so that’s why we came up with the idea of introducing a trained horse mounted squad for Margalla Hills and recreational areas such as parks,” ASP Beenish Uzair told the media. 

“They will increase the police accessibility across the trail. They can reach up and down the mountain, up and down the trail in significantly less amount of time.”

Police initially considered deploying a motorbike patrol unit, Uzair said, but realized it might be harmful to the environment. 

“Horses do not disturb the environment. They will not tarnish your plants, they will not destroy the terrain, the natural terrain,” the policewoman said. “Even when the duty is going on, it [horse unit] is maintaining the overall natural environment … rather adding to the scenic beauty of the area.”

Ishfaq Ahmed, a constable from the new police unit, said officers would patrol the city’s hiking trails and the F-9 park and also answer distress calls on the police emergency hotline, 15.

“We are deployed on patrolling duty on Trails 5 and 3, and the F-9 park,” Ahmed said. “During patrolling, whenever we receive a call through 15, we move immediately to reach there and sort the issue.”

Most complaints, he said, were about purse and mobile theft and the harassment of women. 


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