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Wearing orange is not the only precaution hikers – and dog owners – are encouraged to take

Oct. 13, 2021

Blaze orange isn’t just for hunters. Hikers, bikers and pets should also wear the bright color when out in the woods during hunting season to improve visibility and safety.

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Fall is popular with all walks of outdoorspeople, including both hikers and hunters. As New York’s hunting season picks up steam and daylight hours dwindle, hiking and biking advocates urge those exploring the woods recreationally to take extra precautions so as to maintain the safety of themselves, their pets and hunters.

“Hunting is an activity that’s quite popular and has a long heritage here,” says Andy Mossey, Stewardship & Advocacy Coordinator for The Catskill Center. “As people are getting out and recreating, we should be prepared that we’re sharing the woods with hunters.”

Wear orange

Hunters are required to wear orange or pink when hunting with a firearm. So, too, should hikers and bikers.

Maria Bedo-Calhoun, president of the 3500 Club, says a recent hike raised some alarms for her. “I was out hiking yesterday, and it didn’t seem like we saw a lot of people in orange,” she says.

Mossey says he recommends that during peak foliage season, when orange is common in the woods, people also incorporate a bright cyan blue.

“Do a blue shirt or backpack,” he says. “And rocking an orange hat is really important.”



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