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Full transparency: the first time I wore Lululemon was only a couple of weeks ago. As a plus-size woman who hovers around a size 16 or an XXL (sometimes an 18, sometimes a 14 depending on the brand), Lululemon had never been a brand that felt targeted toward my demographic. However, when Lululemon offered to fly me to Santa Monica for a hike in their new collection, I took the opportunity to see if their new designs — specifically, the Cargo Super-High-Rise Hiking Short 8″ — held up.

Prior to this, my awareness of the brand was based on their notorious reputation of not stocking larger sizes in store, and customers’ experience with body shaming by employees. In 2013, the brand publicly stated in a Facebook post that “Our product and design strategy is built around creating products for our target guest in our size range of 2-12,” and “we don’t have plans to change our current sizing structure”.

The brand changed its tune in September 2020, however, when it expanded to a size 20 in select products, the opposite of what many other brands did during the pandemic (ex: Loft discontinued their plus-sizes in 2021). Even with this press trip, Lululemon aims to make the fitness space a more inclusive one.

While in Cali, I chatted with Ben Stubbington, Lululemon’s Senior Vice President of design. He said the brand is excited to “[invite] everybody into the space of hiking — because there’s been a barrier within hiking and outdoors world. We’re trying to make sure that more people feel welcomed into the space.”

With this in mind, I slipped into my first pair of Lululemon leggings. Here are all my honest thoughts.

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