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We change the way people move and make it more enjoyable: HipStar helps people achieve full mobility and accomplish physical feats they never thought possible!

The most versatile and effective hiking trailer! Everything seems to have been included in the design: multiple adjustments, shock-absorbing, walking, or running flexibility – really impressive!”

— John Pernu, Australia

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HipStar LLC is developing a new travel cart designed to handle tough terrain and reduce carrying weight by over 90% while hiking and traveling. This new cart, called HipStar®, was designed to overcome the weaknesses of traditional wheeled luggage carts, which must be rolled across smooth surfaces for the wheels to function properly.

In contrast, HipStar® features large wheels that are built to roll smoothly over uneven ground, completely hands-free, making it suitable for long treks in the outdoors.

Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, the HipStar® allows users to travel longer without sacrificing any important gear. The cart is collapsible, allowing hikers to use it as a cart or to fold it up and wear it like a normal backpack while climbing, crossing rivers, or traversing over large rocks. It can be used as a bike trailer as well.

Speaking of gear, one of the most innovative features of HipStar® reduces a typical hiker’s 30-40 pounds of gear to about 2.5-3.5 pounds of perceived weight while towing the cart. The freedom to move the weight off your back and attach it to the user via a belt harness means that you can break into a run and have the cart follow you – all while preserving the “anti-gravity” effect that makes your gear feel practically weightless.

Another distinctive feature is a lack of disturbing inertial “push-and-pulls” generated by the hiker when walking due to a combination of the harness’s design and the shock absorbers, allowing for smooth movement, or even running, for long-distance.

The HipStar® will be available in medium and heavy-duty versions to accommodate all users’ categories. The heavy-duty version can even be used for military or rescue applications, towing 80 pounds or more of weight with only about 8 pounds of force required. All versions of the cart are adjustable in height and width to accommodate users of …….

Source: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/559466930/hipstar-hiking-trailer-a-well-balanced-and-fully-adjustable-hands-free-universal-travel-cart

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