Hiking with Daniel: White Pass to Chinook Pass, WA (August 28-30) – The Trek

August 28.  I woke up around 0630 at my camp site at White Pass, and started packing up.  I appreciated the luxury of camping at a paid site in a campground- specifically the picnic table at my site.  It was really nice to be able to spread everything out on the picnic table at the site, try to dry my tent out.


I knew Daniel had gotten in late and was probably tired, but I also kept thinking about how we only had a few days to visit.  Plus I was excited to talk to him.  Around 0650 I went over to Daniel sleeping in his rental car and rapped on the window.  He woke up and looked at me and laughed, cracked open the door and said, “Come in here to talk, we can pop the seat up, it’s waaarm.”  When I got in, he groaned and said it’d been a cold night, and complained that it wasn’t supposed to be this cold, he’d looked up the weather for Seattle and it was in the 60s.  I rolled my eyes and reminded him that we were in the Cascades, and I’d told him to bring lots of cold weather gear because of how cold I’ve been lately.  His sleeping bag was rated at 40, whereas I was carrying a 0 degree bag.  I wondered how this trip would go.


We chatted a while in the car, then I told him to come over to my tent site, it was sunny over there.  I went back over and kept packing, still no Daniel appearance, so I walked back to the car to check on his progress.  I had to laugh over the course of this trip.  I had forgotten about how calmly Daniel moves, how he’ll often stand somewhere lost in his own thoughts, before moving to do anything.


It was a good feeling to spend time with someone I know so well, like putting on a favorite old coat again.  To rest in that slow paced way of living and being that I remember from home, ah.


He came over to the site and stood a while, then ate breakfast with me.  He had brought me a …….

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