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Day 1

I just finished a flip-flop thru-hike of the Scottish National Trail and I ended up finishing it at the Southern terminus of the West Highland Way, so I basically just had to turn around and keep hiking.
But because the first 20 km coincide with what I just hiked this morning on the SNT, I decide to hitch to Drymen, where the trails split.

I get a ride with a nice gentleman, that I’m not going to lie, has one of the thickest accent I’ve ever heard.
I have to say, I love the Scottish accent, but man, it can be a challenge sometimes, especially when you’re not a native English speaker…

I buy some groceries in Drymen, get a couple of beers in a pub so that I have time to charge my electronics.
Then I just walk a couple of hours before pitching my tent.
I stop at the bottom of Conic Hill, from where the views over Loch Lomond are supposed to be amazing.

Day 2

I get to the summit of Conic Hill pretty early, which is a good thing because there’s nearly no-one around.
It’s definitely a great spot, with amazing views.
As I’m going down, I can see dozens of people going up on a parallel trail.
Yup, definitely good timing…

I’m heading towards Rowardennan, from where you can climb up Ben Lomond.
I’ve been in Scotland for a month now, and it’s by far the sunniest day I had, so I definitely want to make the most of it and climb it.
Especially since I’m not counting on climbing Ben Nevis due to the weather.

The loop trail takes me 4 and a half hour, but it’s definitely worth it!
The 360 views from the top are just incredible.
And you also get amazing views all the down.
I highly recommend it to anyone who’s lucky enough to get good weather on that section when hiking the WHW.

I hike for a couple of hours more along Loch Lomond before pitching the tent on the shore of the Loch.


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