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Day 1

After hiking 2 months in Scotland, I am back in France to do some more hiking.
I’m starting with the Tour du Mont-Blanc, a trail that has of course been on my list (like every hiker), but that for some reason, I’ve never hiked before.
I guess you always think that you have all the time in the world to hike the trails close to home…

Needless to say that it’s quite a shock, weather-wise, after Scotland.
It was still cold, windy and miserable when I left Edinburgh yesterday, and it’s very hot with blue sky in Chamonix.
That’s also a relief not to have the same horrible summer we had last year in France.

As I have a few things to do (internet, post office, get new shoes…), I have a late start and don’t leave Les Houches, the starting (and finishing) point, before 3pm.
I’ve decided to do it the traditional anti-clockwise way as I thought it could be annoying to constantly run into people going the other way.
As I’ve had a few days to rest between my last hiking day in Scotland and today, I feel great.

Two hours after Les Houches, you get to col de Voza, where you can chose between a low route and a high route.
Considering the weather, it’s a no-brainer.
It’s a beautiful section, with great views of the Bionnassay glacier.
I meet Pablo, a Brazilian guy who’s hiking for the first time and seems really stoked to be here.
Well, with the TMB as a first hike with that kind of weather, I reckon it’s the best way to get quickly addicted to hiking!
It’s always great to see people super excited to be on trail.

I get to Miage where the camping area is right in front of some glaciers that get some unreal sunset colors.
Oh boy, I’m loving this trail already.

Day 2

Another glorious day.
An hour after leaving camp I do a short 15mn side trip to Mont Truc, which is a funny name for a peak.
It means …….

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