Hiking the Hebridean Way in Scotland – The Trek

Day 1

After finishing the Skye Trail on the Isle of Skye, I’m taking a ferry to Tarbert in the outer Hebrides to hike the 295km/185 miles Hebridean Way.
I’m planning on hitching all the way to the butt of Lewis, the Northern terminus.
It’s raining but I don’t even wait 5 minutes before getting a ride to Stornoway, the biggest city on the islands.
When dropping me off, the lady who gave me a ride gives me her card and tells me to call if I need anything.
I get some fish and chips for lunch, do some grocery shopping before going for my next hitch.
Another really easy one with a nice lady who offers to drive me all the way even though it’s not where she was going.
It looks like I landed on the Isle of awesome people…

The trail starts with some really pretty coastline before going on a dirt road and then disappears.
This Northern section is not actually finished and it’s very swampy and very slow going.
It takes me much longer than I thought it would and I end pitching the tent at 11pm, just because I can’t find a decent spot.

Day 2

A lot of roadwalking today!
A lot of people skip the section between the butt of Lewis and Stornoway and I can see why.
I finally arrive in Stornoway in the afternoon, get some coffee and ressuply for 5 days.
I do more roadwalking before finding some trees that will protect me from the wind.

Day 3

After an hour of hiking I try to hitch to Callanish, which is world famous for its standing stone circle.
It’s only 10km away so it would be silly not to go.
But this is a really quiet road and it takes 55 minutes to get a ride.
I know that because 5 more minutes and I would have given up and kept hiking.
This is an amazing spot but after standing all that time in the cold and rain, I’m still pretty cold.
I hitch back to the trail (30 minutes this time) and find some pretty difficult terrain that’…….

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