Hiking the Great Glen Way in Scotland – The Trek

Day 1

After finishing the Hebridean Way two days ago, I took a zero yesterday in Oban.
I’ve had mixed feelings about the weather being nice.
It kind of feels good but it’s also frustrating to have good weather when you’re not hiking.
You have to make sunny days count in Scotland.

I leave Oban in the morning to go back to Fort William, where I finished the West Highland Way two weeks ago.
It is also the Western terminus for the Great Glen Way.
It’s a bit of a weird morning and it looks like all the white trash rednecks try to get some sunshine.
A first car pulls over and there’s 3 empty wine bottles next to the driver and a glass of wine in the cupholder.
“I can give you a lift if you want, but you have to know that I am drunk.”
I passed.
Though it was kinda nice of him to be upfront about it.
Then there’s some finger flipping with some yelling at me.
And last but not least, 2 rednecks who wanted to prank me, just basically drove in a circle for 20mn, then took me back where they picked me up saying it was Fort William…
Though one of them has been sentenced to a year (got that from a phone call he got), so it kinda felt like karmic justice.

Anyway, after a much longer time than I thought, I finally arrive in Fort William.
It’s actually a stunning drive getting there.
Most of my afternoon is spent on the Caledonian Canal and I’m having a great time, by simply not being in a crazy strong and freezing wind, like I’ve been for 2 weeks before that.

Day 2

It’s a nice and easy morning, and I’m still enjoying very much having no wind and good weather altogether.
In the afternoon I get to a section I already hiked on the Scottish National Trail a few weeks ago.
The trails share 15 km between Laggan and Fort Augustus, where Loch Ness starts.
I get a beer in the sun in Fort Augustus, ressuply and leave …….

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