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CHETICAMP — The last two years have been a long exercise in patience for Leonard and Annette LeBlanc.

The Chéticamp couple has been waiting to host a hiking summit that will bring people from all over the province and further to their hometown to experience its rich biodiversity and culture.

“We’ve been trying for a few years to have (the summit),” said Leonard. “It’s been a long (wait) and maybe COVID will behave this spring.”

The event is being hosted in Chéticamp from June 3-5 by Hike Nova Scotia and Les Hikers, a group the couple helped found.

“We can accommodate up to 250 people,” said Leonard, who is the president of Les Hikers. “According to past history of people registering it looks like we might meet that goal.”

Annette LeBlanc, co-host of the Hike Nova Scotia-Les Hikers hiking summit in Chéticamp this June, seen here on the Blueberry Trail. CONTRIBUTED/Annette LeBlanc – Contributed



The ninth annual summit will involve six hikes each day exploring various spots and peaks of Chéticamp. Those interested must pre-register, and soon: the pair had 170 registrants as of Thursday afternoon.

“We’ll have people coming from different parts of the Atlantic provinces, maybe further, coming to Chéticamp to hike,” said Leonard. “We’re going to bring them and expose them to unique views that possible on their own they’d never get to.”

The summit will involve morning, afternoon and evening hikes that participants can sign up for, though some of them are already full.

“We have different trails that are outside of the (Cape Breton Highlands National Park), and then we have different spots inside the park,” said Leonard.

The pair spent the pandemic exploring “unique views” of their national park with the Les Hikers group and is eager to share what they have found. They have local volunteers who will help them lead the hikes.

“We’ve taken to the woods to get some peace of mind, and it’s been very helpful for us,” said Leonard. “So we’re gonna have the chance to share these beautiful locations that we’ve found with people from outside that I’m sure will appreciate them.”


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