HIKING NOVA SCOTIA: Worth the jaunt — Feel your legs burn from tackling the steep stairs of Victoria Park in Truro – Saltwire

HIKING NOVA SCOTIA: Worth the jaunt — Feel your legs burn from tackling the steep stairs of Victoria Park in Truro – Saltwire

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Driving to Truro from Halifax for a hike may seem like a long way to go, but it is worth the jaunt.

Really, it’s just an easy one-hour drive right up Highway 102. We recently made the trek for a hike in Victoria Park, packing in a perfect half-day mini-road trip. If you plan ahead, you can enjoy a great hike and be back in the city for lunch. Or, hit up a local cafe like we did for a post-hike meal.

Victoria Park, in the heart of Truro, is more than 130 years old. Once inside, you’d never guess this 3,000-acre urban park is so close to town. There is a large parking lot and a building with washroom facilities nearby. Dogs are welcome, but must stay on-leash. There’s a picnic area, plus a really fun playground to explore and a pool for swimming in the summer.

As the sign at the start of the trails indicates, Victoria Park has lots of options for exploring. Contributed photo – Contributed

There is so much to see in Victoria Park. From the wooden sign at the start of the trails, you’ll notice lots of options with paths in different directions with various points of interest.

Wishing wells, waterfalls, a deep gorge and the infamous Jacob’s Ladder, with 175 steep steps for climbing.

We set off in the direction of the waterfalls, following the winding Lepper Brook that flows through the heart of the park.

There is so much to see and so many hiking trail options in Victoria Park. Contributed photo – Contributed

The park is beautifully maintained. The woodland trails are smooth, with crusher dust and crushed gravel, and there are wooden bridges and boardwalks throughout. The only difficult aspect of the terrain are the many wooden plank staircases, some of which are steep.

Of course, the kids were up for the challenge of climbing Jacob’s Ladder, which I assure you will leave your calf muscles burning.

At the top of Jacob’s ladder, there are a few trail options. Take an immediate right to head to the waterfalls.

Among the highlights of any trip to Victoria Park are its waterfalls. Contributed photo – Contributed

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