Hiking in Maine: Ten useful items for your next hiking adventure – Press Herald

Hiking in Maine: Ten useful items for your next hiking adventure – Press Herald

April 10, 2022 0 By

Pictured are 10 of Carey Kish’s new and tried-and-true pieces of hiking gear. Carey Kish photo

Springtime is gear time, that transitional period when countless hikers across Maine are sorting through their equipment and clothing in preparation for the traditional hiking season just ahead. Here’s a quick rundown on some of this hiker’s favorite items for carrying on day hikes and backpacking trips, a mix of new toys and some tried-and-true favorites you might want to consider for your own kit.

Anker PowerCore Power Bank: Hikers carry a lot of electronics on the trail these days –phones, cameras, GPS units, MP3 players and Kindles. If you’re out for any length of time, these devices will all require recharging. An Anker PowerCore power bank – I recommend the 10,000 mAh (milliampere hour) model – will easily take care of your needs. 5 ounces, $30.

Ben’s InvisiNet Head Net: When the insects are really bad and repellent just isn’t cutting it, a good head net is a must. The sheer fabric of Ben’s InvisiNet allows excellent visibility, and its elasticized crown and roomy fit makes it easy to get on, even over a brimmed hat. The drop-neck and drawcord ensures full protection, all for less than an ounce and $11.

Exped AirPillow UL: A good night’s sleep is essential on the trail, and the Exped AirPillow is super lightweight (less than two ounces) insurance toward that dreamy end. No more shoving clothes into a stuff bag for a lumpy, uncomfortable pillow! The soft polyester fabric pillow inflates easily with a few breaths and nicely elevates and cradles your head. $39.

Garmin inReach Mini: I’ve been sold on compact satellite communicators ever since carrying the Garmin inReach Mini on my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. Now I almost never hike without the palm-sized unit, which pairs with the companion Earthmate phone app for easy use. Just 3.5 ounces, the Mini provides big insurance should something go seriously wrong in the backcountry. $350.

Carey Kish has relied on LOWA Renegade boots for 6,000 miles of long distance hiking Carey Kish photo


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