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“Next time I invite you to go backpacking with me, please remind me of this moment and why we hate backpacking,” I groggily told my sister, Molly.

Molly holds the record among my three younger siblings for being the most likely to join me on outdoor adventures — albeit begrudgingly. I had dragged Molly, whose preferred pronouns are they/them, on a last-minute backpacking trip to hike the Ohlone Regional Wilderness Preserve trail over a three-day weekend after canceling other plans because of COVID.

We had just spent a night in the wilderness that had involved, on my end, not sleeping as much as closing my eyes for extended periods of time and shivering on the cold ground. (Molly had forgotten their sleeping pad on this journey, and in an effort to spread the misery around and get them to come back for future adventures, I’d agreed to give up the pad for the night.)

With hips, shoulders and backs already aching, we packed up and got going on our longest day yet. We were less than halfway through the 28-mile trek from Fremont to Livermore, and by our third and final day, we were both sore and smelly. Worst of all, we still had 16 miles to go.

I’d underestimated this trail, thinking the rolling hills of the East Bay that I’d spent years gazing at longingly while driving past wouldn’t be anything like the Sierra Nevada, Rocky and Appalachian mountains I’ve been lucky enough to hike around in the past.

In reality, the path cutting through these “rolling hills” felt like a three-day workout on nature’s stair machine — a series of relentless, unyielding climbs and descents that made the hike feel much longer than it really was.

There was not an easy mile along the entire route.

Yet later that morning, after huffing and puffing our way up (yet) another vertical hill, we suddenly crested it to see the sun rising on the horizon below us, lighting up the sky with a warm glow.

There was not another human in sight, just a crew of happy cows grazing in the distance and green meadows all around. Molly and I looked at each other and beamed.

“Worth it?” they asked.

“Worth it,” I replied.

Day 1:</…….

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