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Looking for a new outdoor activity this summer? Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while also getting in some physical activity. It’s a win-win! Before you get out there, you’ll want to know how to pick a good trail, what to pack in your backpack, and how to prepare for your first hike. We’ve got you covered with tips to get you started on your hiking journey. 

How to read a trail description 

There are two things you should consider when choosing a trail: the length and the elevation. I know it’s tempting to try that 13km hike right away, but it’s better to start smaller with a five-ish km hike and work your way up to longer ones. It’s also important to pick a trail that has an elevation gain of fewer than 155 m per kilometre (or try calculating your trail’s difficulty through a website like Hike Difficulty Calculator).  

When in doubt, do a little research about the trail. Check blogs, or hiking websites to see what other people are saying about the trail.  

What you may need to get started 

Like most sports, hiking requires some gear. Some of the gear will vary based on what kind of hiking you’re doing, but here are a few items you should consider before you hit the trail: 

  • Shoes: A good rule of thumb for shoes: for trails with low elevation, or easy terrain (like a paved trail), your runners will work just fine. If you pick a trail with a higher elevation or some rockier terrain, you may want to invest in a pair of hiking shoes. *Note: you always, always, …….

    Source: https://students.ok.ubc.ca/2021/09/11/hiking-for-newbies/

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