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Thunderstorms rumbled all around us the other night and even shut off the TV dish for a while, but we only got a quarter inch of rain that night. One mostly-wet day was Thursday, June 16, but then it was only light rain that fell and didn’t even keep me out of weeding in the garden. The wind has been the big thing, with white caps on most of the big lakes most all week into the weekend. Even some of the smaller ponds were tough to travel on in a small craft like a Hornbeck boat.

My 17- foot canoe had all it wanted on the Cedar River Flow on Friday, June 17, with three-foot swells and white caps, which the wind blew the tops off. I stayed along the north shore, and it wasn’t too bad as the wind was strong out of the NW. I saw an older fella (actually he was younger than me) in his rehabbed canoe he found at the dump out on the flow. He kept close to shore on the north side and made it back to the landing just as I got there on my return trip.

The Loons have nested, and they were complaining about some campers at a site which wasn’t far from their nest site. The female stayed on the nest, and the male was the one complaining. This was a new nesting site, but I guess they didn’t know the camping site was so close by. They will have to deal with it. I did some Boreal Bird Surveys this week before watching Loons the rest of the day. One morning, I was onsite surveying before 6 a.m. and the birds were singing away, and mosquitoes and blackflies were buzzing in my ears. I didn’t put on my bug jacket as it restricts my hearing some, so I just put on some bug dope and swat some.

In each survey there are five stops (ten minutes each with spacing in between stops,) so you don’t hear birds from other stops. I was moving from the first stop to the next one and I had to pass a campsite that was occupied. No one was up when I went by walking the first time, but when I walked by toward my second stop someone was …….

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