I predicted in last week’s column that the fall colors along the Highway 67 corridor would be better last weekend than this coming one… but the colors have hung on, and great leaf-peeping should persist at least through Saturday. With colder weather predicted in Divide for Sunday and snow a possibility for Tuesday, the fall colors will likely be at their best for the last time this weekend.

Fall colors in Mueller State Park, October 2020. Note the use of filling the frame, and also leading lines.

This past Tuesday, the Highway 67 corridor and Gold Camp Road were ablaze with gold. On Wednesday, Mueller State Park was looking great, too. So be sure to get out there this weekend. Really. This weekend.

And part of leaf-peeping, of course, is photography. The fall colors are too beautiful to not snap a few — or a whole hell of a lot — of photographs. Here are a few pointers for getting really great photos, no matter if you’re using your cell phone or an actual camera:

Filling the frame. Mueller State Park, October 6th, 2021

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