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Hiking alone is peaceful and needed sometimes. However, in this heat, a buddy is needed for safety reasons. Now, if you’re like my friends and refuse to trek in the summer, there are three women-only groups I’ve hiked with before and absolutely enjoyed. Below are my suggestions:

Two co-workers got together recently and created a new hiking group called City Girls Who Walk-SATX. In April, women in Manhattan took to TikTok to create City Girls Who Walk, creating events to socialize and exercise with other women.

I walked with the San Antonio chapter in June, instantly making friends with like-minded women who love to be outdoors and H-E-B meal simples (we love anything with pasta). The first walk had only four girls, but the second had almost 50. The third had over 300 women, most ages ranging from the early 20s to late 30s. 

Walk No. 8 will be at 7 p.m. on Monday, July 18 at the Tobin Park Trailhead.

To learn more, click here or visit their Instagram at City Girls Who Walk – SATX.

Hikerbabes walking along the Bamberger trail at Guadalupe State Park.

Priscilla Aguirre,


Hikerbabes is an organization started by Monique Redmon to bring together like-minded female hikers. There are now several chapters across the country, including the Alamo City. 

Last fall, I hitched a ride with one of the hosts for the local chapter, Connie Mosher, to hike a remote and shady trail at Guadalupe River State Park. The trail was about 40 miles north of San Antonio. The ladies were friendly, ranging from ages 20 to late 40s.

Hikerbabes doesn’t leave women behind. If they are heading on a challenging hike, Mosher said they let the women know ahead of time what kind …….


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