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2 Hrs AgoKiana Hamlet and her brother Khalani on a hike at the Bamboo Cathedral in Chagauramas. – SUREASH CHOLAI


The covid19 pandemic has given people a new-found appreciation for nature and the many wonders it possesses, but not as much as for nine-year-old Kiana Hamlet and her four-year-old brother Khalani.

The Hamlet siblings, of Barataria, have decided to start their own hiking group with the help of their father, Kerwin. They always include their two-year-old sister Kalina on their trips and are working on building numbers for their group.

Because they have so much fun on these trips, they always try to encourage their peers, cousins and even grandmother to join in on the adventures. So far, they successfully got their grandmother to go on a hike with them to Avocat waterfall, Blanchisseuse and despite some challenges, she never gave up.

Their father said the idea to form the family hiking group came from his children after being cooped up during the lockdowns, missing out on the joys of nature. With some experience he’s gathered being a part of another hiking group, it was an obvious

Their technique is a bit different though, as the family group also gives the brain a much needed workout. Hikers are tasked with memorising the map of their destination and then must depend on the trail to finish the hike. They started this a month ago and try not to skip any weekends.

When asked what they like about hiking, Kiana told Newsday Kids, “It’s fun and I like to be outdoors,” as Khalani’s answer was just, “rocks.”

Khalani explained he liked seeing the different kinds of rocks along the hiking trails and has even mastered the skill of skipping rocks in the river.

Their favourite hiking trail is to the Maracas Waterfall because at their first visit, their father …….

Source: https://newsday.co.tt/2022/06/19/hamlet-siblings-hit-the-hiking-trail/

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