Francesco Sersale Launches A Luxury Hiking Retreat At His Families Famed Le Sirenuse Hotel In Positano – Forbes

Francesco Sersale in Positano

Roberto Salomone

The son also rises. In this case Francesco Sersale, the scion of a beloved Italian family of hoteliers who run one of the most iconic hotels in the world, Le Sirenuse in Positano. Since its debut in 1951, when four Italian brothers converted a private home perched on a cliff into an elegant seaside resort, Le Sirenuse has become one of the most photographed and adored properties on the Amalfi Coast.

And now Francesco, 28, takes the reigns of the new Dolce Vitality retreat while his father Antonio and mother Carla run the hotel along with his older brother Aldo. Formerly a talent agent handling endorsement deals for high-profile celebrities, Francesco brings his extensive experience in entertainment marketing, brand partnerships, wellness, and hospitality to the family business while focusing on the brand’s international expansion.

Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano

Roberto Salomone

For one week in the Autumn (Oct 30-Nov 5, 2022) and one week in the Spring (Mar 19-Mar 25, 2023), Le Sirenuse opens its doors to just 24 guests who have come to push themselves to the ultimate in fitness while enjoying the healthy cuisine and the stunning scenery of the Amalfi coast. The strenuous hiking retreat was inspired by the areas 4,000 foot high cliffs surrounding the iconic hotel property.

The hikes are often fast-paced, including long vertical climbs up endless flights of steps. There are ancient walking footpaths and mule tracks that follow the range from the Path of Gods through lemon and olive groves, past ancient chapels while traversing winding stone stairways into small villages.

The family behind the iconic Le Sirenuse Hotel; (L to R) Francesco, Carla, Antonio, and Aldo Sersale

Roberto Salomone

I recently sat down with Francesco on the terrace of Le Sirenuse on a particularly hot summer afternoon as he explained the idea behind Dolce Vitality and what to expect in the upcoming retreats.

What inspired the idea of Dolce Vitality?

Francesco Sersale “It was a program my dad started after he went to The Ranch in Malibu. He loved that experience and wanted to open the hotel a week prior and a week following the hotel’s official …….


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