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If you’re looking to up your hiking game, and itching for a challenge that’s sure to leave you drenched in sweat, then say hello to the Camel Rock to Cecilia Waterfall hike.

Camel Rock also known as Bel Ombre is situated at the top of the mountain between Constantia Corner and De Villiers Dam, so you know that breathtaking views will take centre stage on this hike.

The best part about this hike is that it’s an all-round adventure, and that means you can expect a steep challenge in some areas and a flat surface in others.

This hike will start off with a steep but short 30 minute bang as you hike up to Eagle’s Nest, a sublime spot to enjoy the sunrise while sipping on a hot beverage.

An adventurous hike up Constantia Corner is sure to follow, which is the remainder of the ascent as it flattens out when getting to the top.

All explorers need a break, so that’s exactly what will take place before reaching the iconic Camel Rock. Stretch your legs, catch your breath and marvel at a cave-like rock formation overlooking the mountain top filled with a variety of fynbos as you restore your energy.

This is a circular loop route and the journey back passes De Villiers Dam followed by a steep descent down Cecilia Ridge offering spectacular views to feast your eyes on.

The last stop will be Cecilia Waterfall, and the sun barely reaches this area which makes for a picturesque, green majestic location.

Previous uphill hiking experience is a bonus since it’s mostly uphill for the first half of the hike. Fair warning, there are a few short sections where you’ll need to use your hands while climbing but not too technical.

Safety is the highest priority and Trail Fit SA will do everything possible to ensure everyone completes the hike safely.

Date: Sunday 10 October 2021

Meet up Time: 05:20am
Start Time: 05:30am

Duration: 5 hrs

Location: Constantia Nek

Difficulty: Intermediate – steep terrain, some mild exposure for short moments

What is included: Experienced and Qualified Hiking Guide, First Aider, Social gain opportunity, Safety in numbers, choice of warm beverage.

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