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Exercise and fresh air are good for you. Reason enough to go for a hike. It’s the intangibles though, that make hiking such an enjoyable experience. You never know what you’re going to see while taking a walk in the woods. Carrying a pair of binoculars is worth the weight. So is your phone, which gives you both a camera and a voice recorder. As you walk and think, use the recorder to capture your thoughts. Lots of good ideas come to us on the trail as we exercise our minds and body.

The National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) promotes “First Day Hikes” to encourage people to visit a state park and take a hike on New Year’s Day. The NASPD website states, “America’s State Park programs are committed to promoting outdoor recreation in hopes to help address obesity, especially in children. Furthermore, exercise and outdoor activities rejuvenate the mind and body, promoting overall mental and physical health and wellness. Many believe that time spent in nature enhances creativity and lifts our moods.”

Hiking is a great way to improve your physical and mental health.

I couldn’t agree more with the reasoning NASPD promotes. As I grow older, I continue to become more and more worried about our younger generations. As the father of two teenagers, I witness firsthand how addicted to devices an entire segment of our population is. It’s hard for me to accept how much time my children and all their friends spend starring at screens. I live in a college town. It’s dangerous to drive through campus. You never know when a student, or a herd of them, will stumble into the street transfixed on their phone, oblivious to oncoming traffic. We need to get these young people outdoors. They can bring their phone, but hopefully, it’ll be in their pocket for a bit.

In the United States, 42.4 percent of adults over 20 years old are obese, according to the 2021 Obesity Report from Trust for America’s Health. What’s worse, 19.3 percent of children are too. That means one out of five children is obese. We are the 14th most obese nation. Yet, we have parks and public lands galore. Opportunities to exercise with little to no cost are endless.

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