It’s a common experience—the moment on a hike, camping trip, or outdoor excursion when you realize you forgot something important, or would be much better off if you had just decided to splurge and get that futuristic camp stove or bespoke hatchet, and maybe it would be a lot less dark if you’d gotten those solar-powered string lights. The holidays offer an opportunity to share the lessons you’ve learned and the products you’ve come to rely on with your loved ones. Below, read about some of the gear that’s worth adding to the arsenal of your favorite adventurer.

[Photo: courtesy BioLite]

BioLite CampStove complete cook kit
At the center of this cook-it-all kit is BioLite’s flagship CampStove 2+, which can burn sticks, wood scraps, and pellets to create smokeless flames that generate power to charge gear or to store via the onboard battery. The kit also brings along an attachable grill grate and the BioLite KettlePot and CoffeePress for quickly boiling water that can just as easily be for fireside pasta or a morning pick-me-up. As a bonus, the kit comes with a FlexLightso you can see what you’re cooking.

[Photo: courtesy Alder]

Adler German Axes Rheinland hatchet
No, it’s not going to be easy to wrap, but if your outdoorsy loved one can spot quality, they won’t care what it looks like once they open up Adler’s Rheinland Hatchet. The venerable German brand has been making axes for more than 100 years, and the handsome Rheinland model combines European C45 steel with an American hickory handle featuring anti-slip paint to improve the user’s grip. The Rheinland comes with a cotton storage bag, as well as a leather sheath featuring a two-button release system.

[Photo: courtesy Smith]

Smith I/O MAG Imprint 3D goggles
It’s officially ski and snowboard season, and Smith’s latest innovation in protective eyewear is built using Bellus 3D technology to create a completely custom fit. Smith’s app allows users to scan their face to map its contours and features, and the goggles are then 3D-printed and shipped within 14 days. To make gifting easy, you can buy the goggles online and send the recipient a scan code, allowing …….


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