Vincent Milla in front of one of the 14 points of interest on the road. (photo by Boris Putet)

Breeders of Camargue bulls and horses at Comtes Ranch, Vincent and Stephanie Milla, are diversifying their grazing activity by opening up to agritourism. Thanks to partnerships with local tourism companies (hotels, 4/4, sandals), the place receives nearly 90,000 visitors each year.

During the health crisis, the couple decided to create a discovery path with the help of the region through the Pass Rebond. “The goal was to provide possibilities for independent visits that would allow you to explore the matter,” Vincent Milla explains. It must be said that the flora and fauna found on the site is especially rich. In total, the breeders form a 2.5-kilometer route in which 14 points of interest follow each other.

“With the idea of ​​making the course more fun, we wanted to develop a digital app targeting a family audience”Stephanie Mila adds. Launched this fall, it occupies 14 points of the track by adding PC content as well as gaming.

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The process is very simple: visitors download the Baludik app and then confirm the start of their trip by scanning the QR code. On each board, pedestrians check a stage point by answering a puzzle or by geolocation. At the heart of the course, Manadeers also set up a small tree climbing path.

“This is only a first step, The spouses who have benefited from the Leader’s Fund and the interest-free loan from Initiative Gard. We are working on a second augmented reality project to immerse the visitor in the skin of the Raseter.” An ambitious idea that may inspire other defenders of the Camargue tradition, for whom innovation is undoubtedly one of the keys to survival.

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