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Hiking is one of the most popular activities among students in Michigan. Why? Because it’s fun and affordable! Hiking areas in Michigan offer all the conditions for a day or overnight treks. There are trails for every taste, duration, and level of training. So which areas are the best for hiking? Below you will discover tips for this activity and the top 8 hiking areas in Michigan close to specific colleges.

What Do You Need For Hiking If You Are A Newbie?

Sparty at Michigan State University – Courtesy of Dean

If you are just starting your path in this activity, there are several essential points about this type of vacation. Here are some helpful tips and rules that will come in handy for all beginners:

  • Choose routes based on your skill level. Michigan offers many trails that require no experience or special training. This is an excellent option for a start. However, don’t start with trails for advanced travelers! 
  • Explore the area before you go. You shouldn’t go hiking alone. Find a company, read reviews, and be sure to get a map or travel guide.
  • Have a sufficient supply of water and food. Hiking, even on the plains, is physically demanding. This means you should have enough water and snacks to replenish your energy.
  • Take insect repellent. Some of the trails go through dense forests and bushes, which means there is a high risk of encountering mosquitoes. Without specialized repellents, such an encounter with insects can spoil your hiking experience and holiday.
  • Wear specialized shoes. Hiking boots aren’t just for professionals. These are shoes where you can comfortably overcome long distances, minimize the risk of injury and go through challenging sections of the trail.
  • Take care of your insurance. If you go hiking, then insurance is a must-have. Consider special offers from EKTA Traveling even if you go hiking for one day.
  • Have a basic first aid kit. Even if you are going on a short hike, it is recommended that you have a basic set of medicines with you. For example, these are bandages, plasters, and antibacterial remedies.


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