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Hit the trails this summer! Hiking is a great way to exercise, socialize and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Check out these essentials to make your trip up the mountain one worth remembering.  

Water and Lots of It!
Stay hydrated while you stay active!  Pack plenty of water. Bring bottles or invest in a hydration pack. If your pooch is hiking with you, be sure you bring water along for your furry friend!

Walking the trails works up quite an appetite. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks to enjoy along the way. Trail mix, granola bars, jerky and pretzels are great options that will keep well in the heat. For an added activity, pack a picnic to enjoy at the peak of the mountain. 

Sturdy Shoes 
Hiking can take a toll. Keep your feet happy and healthy by wearing a pair of sturdy, supportive shoes. Your shoes should provide plenty of traction to help you when you’re on the trail. Make sure your shoes provide support around your arches and ankles. 

Sun Protection
It’s easy to get swept away in the beauty of the scenery, but it is essential to remember to protect your skin! Keep in mind that at high altitude the sun’s rays are more powerful. Bring plenty of sunscreen to combat the UV rays. Hats and sunglasses will also help keep your skin safe and healthy. 

Weather Appropriate Layers 
It’s common for the weather to heat up throughout the day. Especially if you’re starting your hike early in the morning, it’s important to bring layers that you can easily take off as the day goes on.  

First Aid
Hitting the trails comes with a few risks. Bring antiseptic wipes and band-aids to make sure you’re prepared for anything. 

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