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Utah can be known for many things, but make no mistake–the outdoors is the bread and butter that makes the Beehive state what it is. Throngs of tourists and new residents are coming to check out the amazing landscapes and mountains, especially in Utah County.

One of the best ways to see what Utah has tucked away is to explore the hiking trails in the surrounding mountains.

Here are a few hiking trails in Utah County that you shouldn’t miss.

Photo: Explore Utah Valley

Stewart Cascade Trail

The Stewart Cascade trail, also known as Stewart Falls, is a hidden gem among the hikes in Provo Canyon. Once you find it, however, it’s unforgettable. Many love going when it’s hot outside, because the cool water from the falls is especially refreshing, but it’s imperative that hikers stay on the trail.

A moderate trail, this less-than-two-hours hike is well worth your time as you discover the beautiful waterfalls that descend from the high cliffs above. According to AllTrails, this hike is about 3.4 miles round trip so plan accordingly. If you have any furry companions, you’ll be happy to note the trail is dog friendly!

Photo: Explore Utah Valley

Dry Canyon

The Dry Canyon Trail is a lesser-known hike in Utah County according to Explore Utah Valley but it is without a doubt worth your time and effort. This can be a challenging hike nearly nine miles total, but the solitude makes it worth it.

The popular trails can be fun to take with groups of family and friends but the Dry Canyon trail is the simple reminder of what nature truly has to offer its guests—peace and connection to nature. If you go through the summer months, hiking among the luscious green trees with the majestic Wasatch mountains is like walking in an oil painting.

Photo: @cole.wanders

Grotto Falls

If you’re not an avid hiker or if you have younger children, you’ll enjoy the Grotto Falls trail. …….

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