5 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails Around Laramie – laramielive.com

5 Most Beautiful Hiking Trails Around Laramie – laramielive.com

April 12, 2022 0 By 164news

With March drawing to a close, many are looking forward to the warm weather. For me, the warm weather means that I will be freed from the office and be able to take advantage of Wyoming’s beautiful and diverse landscape.

One of the best ways to take in the state’s beauty is by taking a hike. And there are some beautiful scenic routes around the city of Laramie that you will have to add to your bucket list this summer. 

Photo from Just Trails

Photo from Just Trails

Medicine Bow Peak

Located in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, Medicine Bow Peak is located about 45 miles west of Laramie and is nestled in the Snowy Range Mountains. 

With the Peak topping out at 12,000 feet, it is the highest point in Southern Wyoming, and the view from the top is well worth the upward climb. 

To reach the peak, you have the option to use one of four trailheads: Lake Marie, Mirror Lake, Lewis Lake, and Dipper Lake. Each has a different difficulty and distance, and a map can be found here. The longest trail is the Lake Marie Loop at 7 miles long and the shortest being Lake Lewis at 1.6 miles long. 

These trails are considered difficult, as there is a fair amount of climbing up the peak and could be dangerous to the less experienced hiker.

Photo from Just Trails

Photo from Just Trails

Gap Lakes and Shelf Lakes

Also located in the Snowy’s, Gap Lakes and Shelf Lakes trails are the trails for the fisherman in your life, offering a leisurely route with many opportunities to cast a line. 

This trail is also located about 30-45 minutes outside of Laramie and would be a great trail to hike during a weekend camping trip.

You will be able to access these trails from the Lewis Lake Trailhead. The Gap Lakes Trail is 2.8 miles long, going along Lewis Lake, South Gab Lake, and North Gap Lake. 

If you are looking for a longer hike, the Shelf Lakes Trail breaks off the Gap Lake …….

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