30 Days in: a Perspective of the AT Thru-Hiking Experience so Far. – The Trek

30 Days in: a Perspective of the AT Thru-Hiking Experience so Far. – The Trek

June 4, 2022 0 By 164news

30 days in! Taking the sunset in from the Beauty Spot outside of Erwin, TN.

{Written May 10, sorry for the late publishing!}

Hello from the Beauty Spot outlook in TN! Wow, it has been 30 days since I started the AT from April 10!

Here’s a list and comments on what I have experienced so far on the AT.

Planning versus Execution

In preparation for this undertaking I read 5 books for the trail about the trail, plus this blog site and multiple YouTube videos. I also spoke to several thru-hikers and section hikers about their experiences.

You can research and prepare all day, and honestly it has helped flatten the proverbial curve on the difficulty of the AT. Research really helped with gear preparation, food choices, when to stop, and emergency situation contingencies. I have another article on my research for the AT – so you can read that in detail.

Routinely Routine

What planning will not necessarily help with is the day-to-day of the AT. What I mean in particular are the routines that enable your body to resiliently sustain you on the AT.

Routines, for me, are the cornerstone of success so far on the AT. While it is important to remain flexible and dynamic with the weather and terrain of the AT, or even being in town, having consistent routines has been the foundation of success for me on the AT.

This means, for example, having a consistent bed time. This is a mostly socially enforced norm called Hiker’s Midnight. Hiker’s Midnight aligns pretty closely with the sun going down and nighttime formally starting. Nightly, this has around been 9pm. You feel an energy change at camp as people drift off to their tents or the shelter. The lull of quiet washes over the shelter area and most people drift off to sleep or start shutting down for the night. This has been one of the cornerstone routines that even I feel if I get into camp late or a conversation with a fellow hiker goes longer than expected. Getting to sleep around 9pm nightly sets up everything for an earlier rise the next morning and a day off on the trail.

Mornings are the next cornerstone of a good routine. I have a particular …….

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