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The American landscape has always provided ample fodder for wanderlust spirits. Something about following in the steps of strangers, past, present, and future, helps shine light on who we really are. Perhaps that is why fitness buffs, naturalists, artists, gap-year students, people recovering from a loss, or those just wanting to hit the pause button for a while can all find value in committing to a long-distance hike. No matter who you are, traversing any chunk of the country will be a trying experience. But perhaps the biggest challenge is just getting started; the first step is to pick your path. So here are 11 of the biggest and best treks to choose from. 

North Country Trail 

A man walking in the Ott Preserve park that is part of the North Country Scenic trail.

Traversing 4,800-miles across the Northeastern United States is the North Country National Scenic Trail – the longest entry in the National Trails System. The NCT covers large portions of eight states, as well as the totality of the 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail, a majority of the 1,445-mile Buckeye Trail, and roughly half of the 560-mile Finger Lakes Trail, all of which are well-deserving of their own spotlight. Between North Dakota and Vermont, the NCT visits the shores of three Great Lakes (Superior, Michigan, and Huron), protected forests, wide-open prairies, and dense cities. 

American Discovery Trail

Two female hikers walking down a foggy beach at Point Reyes National Seashore on the American Discovery Trail.

This colossal, almost unimaginably long trail spans 6,800-miles, coast to coast through the heart of the country, from Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, to Point Reyes National Seashore (near San Francisco), California. Along the way, the totality of the ADT passes through 16 states. That said, there is a Northern and Southern option throughout the central region, and so anyone crazy enough to tackle “the whole thing” will most likely pick one route, thereby skipping some states and some total mileage. The Northern route works out to be 4,834-miles, while the Southern is 5,057-miles. Whichever the path, most thru-hikers also opt to trek from East to West. Given the immense breadth of the trail, scores of unique ecosystems (natural and manmade) and conditions can be expected throughout the long haul. 

Wonderland Trail

Early …….

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